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Flooding - road closed sign

Preparing for flooding

Communities living and working in the Humber area could be at risk of flooding from the sea, tidal Humber, main rivers or surface water. Investment in flood defences and emergency preparedness means communities are better protected now than ever before, but floods can still happen at any time. The emergency response agencies will do all they can to help our communities, but they also rely on local people being ready to help themselves.

Let's get ready for flooding leaflet (pdf 675kb opens in new window)

This leaflet outlines some simple steps you can take to prepare for a flood. A few minutes thinking about it now could make a big difference in helping to keep you and your family safe.

Practical steps to take before flooding

It’s important to know what practical steps you can take to protect yourself, your property and your possessions should flooding be imminent.  We’ve put together a leaflet for you to read before a flood that explains:

  • the main safety messages to take into account
  • what to do should your property be about to flood
  • what you can do if you have some time before your property floods

Practical steps on flood response (pdf 3mb opens in new window)

Practical steps when using sandbags

We would always encourage people to invest in purpose made flood protection products to protect their property. However, this isn’t always possible at short notice and sandbags may be the only option. Sandbags are only effective if used properly, for this reason we’ve produced a leaflet which explains how to place sandbags to get the most out of them and about how to dispose of them after flooding.  

Practical steps on placing sandbags (pdf 104kb opens in new window) 

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Recovery from flooding

Practical steps on recovering from flooding

Suffering from flooding can really knock a household, business or community off its feet. Thinking about what to do next and how to start the cleanup is a huge emotional strain. We’ve put together a booklet that explains the practical steps that can be taken to get your household or business back onto its feet as soon as possible.

Within the booklet we explain;

  • What you should do first including important questions to ask your insurer
  • How to make your house or building safe before the cleanup begins such as who to contact to make the electricity and gas supply safe
  • Safety advice when using generators and other fuel driven equipment
  • How to clean and disinfect your property and possessions safely reducing the need to throw items away
  • What to do if you need to dispose of items
  • How to dry out your property correctly
  • What to do to make your garden and outside areas safe as well as how to deal with septic tanks
  • Tips when employing tradesmen
  • What other risks need taking in to consideration after a flood
  • Important information when dealing with flood contaminated food and drinking water
  • What to do if you feel poorly after flooding
  • How to keep pets safe and healthy after flooding.

At the back of the booklet are some useful contact numbers for organisation which may be able to provide help and assistance to you during your recovery.

Practical steps on recovery from flooding (pdf 3mb opens in new window)

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